Maya & Rio

Puppies will be ready to go home in early summer.  These are approximate timings.


Cornerstone's Maya
Fairytale Lane's Rio

We are so excited to announce that our sweet Maya and Rio will be honeymooning…

Maya is a large mini Australian Labradoodle who loves to play and snuggle on the couch….she is a master squirrel chaser and gives the best kisses.

Rio is a handsome boy, with his lovely parti markings, and fun personality, he is the life of the party.  He is a mini Australian labradoodle with a soft fleece coat and the ladies are quite taken with him.

Pups will be due mid 2021, these are approximate dates, we will know exact dates once Maya goes into season and is bred.  Reservations for each litter are capped at 3-4, once the sonogram is completed, we can accept additional applications.

We expect an array of large mini to small medium puppies with soft fleece coats, that will range from 25-28 pounds, with a mixture of caramel, cream and chocolate, they will be allergy friendly with non-shedding coats and a gentle temperament.

There are times we have to use a different male than we originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Mother Nature participates in all our breedings, and has the final say. Our upcoming litters are estimations based on prior heat cycles, the dates may be slightly different, the precise dates will only be determined once our girls have been bred and the pregnancy is confirmed via sonogram. We will accept 3 reservations prior to the sonogram, and once the sonogram is completed, we will open up the reservation list to accept additional applications.