Remy and Waffle’s

Puppies will be born in October with a go home in December.  RESERVATION LIST IS OPEN.

Cornerstone's Remy
Cornerstone's Waffles

Remy is a mini replica of her Dad Rio, she is sweet and loving in every way.  She loves to hike, swim and play with her big doodle brother Sarge.  She is happy to be on zoom calls with her human mom and chase the rabbits out of the yard.  She has a lovely soft fleece coat and chocolate parti markings.

Waffles is a super sweet, loving and companionable gentleman.  He is like his Dad Finn who comes from 3 generations of therapy dogs.  He is intuitive and sensitive, a true reflection of the breed.  He loves to go on walks and join his brothers on the baseball field.  He has a lovely wavy fleece coat and a sweet mild mannered disposition.

In this pairing, we expect a variety of solid chocolate pups and some with white markings!  They will have the signature soft fleece coat, allergy friendly and non shedding.  They will be cuddly, smart and make wonderful companions for all families.  These are approximate timings, Mother Nature makes all the final calls and we humbly comply.   We accept 4-5 applications for each litter prior to the breeding, and then we open up the reservation list to accept additional applications after the sonogram and x-ray.  They will have signature soft fleece coats that are like velvet to the touch.  Weights will be around 25-30 pounds, mini’s and small mediums…They will be allergy friendly with non-shedding coats.  these pups will be sweet, playful  with a fun loving easy going temperament.

We place all our puppies based on temperament, you must be flexible with colors and markings.

We offer a starter package and a grooming package, these have everything you need to get started on the right foot, these are items we love, trust and use daily ourselves, they exceed their expectations and will be the correct size for the puppy you will be taking home with you.