Our Families and Testimonials


Our families, this is what they are to us, they are the special ones that have a puppy from Cornerstone Labradoodles, one that countless hours of thought, planning and love has gone into from months prior to birth. When our puppy leaves with their family, a piece of our heart leaves as well. We see their joy, excitement, and sheer happiness and it thrills us, yet each one takes a piece of us, and that is how we want it to be.  This keeps us intentionally small. We choose to not be so concerned with numbers on paper, that we lose our heart and passion for these amazing lives that we helped bring into this world, and have the privilege to love and care for.

We wanted to share with you a few words from those that have a piece of our heart….our families.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Cornerstone Labradoodles!  We are totally in love with our boy, Chewie Lewis!  He is our first family pet and we were a bit nervous.  From the first conversation I had with Sonali, I knew she was someone I wanted to guide us through the process.  She answered many questions along the way, gave advice and sent updates and pictures.  I knew that our puppy was being loved and receiving the best start in life under her care.  The puppy preparation info and class were very helpful.  We never imagined that a puppy could bring us so much joy, he is the perfect addition to our family.   We would happily recommend Cornerstone Labradoodles!

L. Glassman

If you are looking to bring a new puppy into your family, and want to find a breeder that shares your passion for the labradoodle, and also shares your values about responsible dog ownership, you should get to know Sonali Monolakis of Cornerstone Labradoodles.  For our family, deciding it was the right time to get a puppy was the easy part. Finding the right breeder was a different story — but everything happens for a reason.  Our careful research eventually brought us to Cornerstone and the experience exceeded our expectations.  Sonali is very attuned to both the needs of her adoptive families and the needs of each of the pups, and she very carefully matches the two. Throughout the pregnancy and the early weeks after delivery, we were given frequent and proactive updates, and she was very willing to answer any and all questions for us nervous new parents! In the end, we welcomed home a healthy, well-cared for, well-adjusted puppy with the perfect personality for our family, and we feel so lucky to know that from the very earliest stage, the pups were cared for as if they were all her own and would never be leaving her home.  

C. Grippi

My family purchased our sweet puppy, Hazel from Cornerstone Labradoodles. We were delighted to find such a dedicated, loving breeder, Sonali, and her wonderful family. The puppies were surrounded with love from the beginning.  Sonali was informative, and the whole process was handled with knowledge and care, assuring us that each of the puppies would go to the right home. We were given updates and pictures on the puppies from birth to the announcement of our baby girl. 

Hazel is smart, easy to train and very lovable! We would happily recommend Sonali and Cornerstone to anyone looking for a loving, family dog.

Thank you to Sonali and her family for everything!

J. Smith

Cornerstone Labradoodles was a true blessing to us.  Our family received very personal attention so that our dream puppy could become a reality.   Our Lulu is smart, very well socialized, loving and adorable.  She’s everything we wanted in our new family member.  We can’t say enough great things about Sonali and her breeding program. 

L. White

After much research & a few false starts we found Cornerstone Labradoodles.  Sonali took the time to get to know our situation and make suggestions that ultimately turned out to be right on target.  Her knowledge of the breed & its needs allayed our concerns & eased our transition.   All the good vibes were validated   when we picked up our lovely boy.  These wonderful puppies spent there first weeks in a loving and caring environment with Sonali’s beautiful children in a picture-perfect setting.  The priority here is not profit, but the health and well-being of these tranquil & intelligent dogs.   I can only be grateful that we found Cornerstone Labradoodles and we continue to appreciate the guidance and direction Sonali continues to provide. 

S. Correa

Tug is wonderful! We love that big fur ball so much! He has been really easy to train, listens well, and has adapted to our family nicely. His bond with my son was slower to develop than with the “big humans” but now they play fetch and chase non-stop. Tug sleeps with my husband and me every night and goes with us in the car just about everywhere. He seems to like the boat too! He’s been such a delightful addition to our family. We have had numerous comments about how well behaved and trained he is. We know that part of that is because of you and we thank you for that.


Dear Sonali,

You have given our family an amazing gift.  Olive is such an incredible puppy and we are so blessed to have her. 

You are an amazing person and your dedication and passion with all the dogs is admirable. 

They are truly special puppies.

Hugs to you and your family,

D. Xeron

All life starts with mom. In this case it’s a dog and a puppy.

It is in those early stages when the very core needs are fulfilled, that shape a puppy, to have the capabilities to succeed in life, to be happy and balanced.

Happiness grows from caring, love and dedication. Dedication shows, when a puppy trusts people and respect their family.

So much of the future success, lie in the hands, of a responsible breeder.

Cornerstone Labradoodles, truly stand beside their puppies. A thorough selection process secures excellent placement and happiness to puppies and their families. Our experience with Cornerstone was flawless. We feel blessed having a puppy from such a dedicated family that put their hearts in to finding the right family. It feels good knowing, that your puppy has had the very best care and starting point one could wish for.

Our puppy was extremely well trained on life’s basic, hence integrating him to our family was very smooth. It’s obvious, he had been exposed to so many stimulations in a way that enabled us, to only layer on our way of live, without causing a lot of reactions for the puppy. We are amazed of the intellect of this breed and how grateful our puppy is of any training we introduce to him – his positive curiosity of life is an outcome of good breeding genetics and excellent care in the first paw steps.

Today, our puppy Toby, is in fact – the Cornerstone of our lives.

 P. Yloenen

Our experience with Cornerstone Labradoodles has been a great one. It’s clear that Sonali (and her family!) have a passion for breeding tremendous dogs. Sonali was very communicative throughout the application process and took the time to get to know my family and I and what we were looking for in a puppy. She is well organized and detailed in her process. We ended up with sweet Mio in a bit of an unexpected way – she came to us at 6 months of age rather than the typical 8 weeks. Although at first I was hesitant as I was looking forward to bringing home a newborn puppy, Mio has slid into our lives and is the perfect match for us! We couldn’t be happier or love her more! Being that she is a bit of an older pup, Cornerstone Labradoodles gave her a strong foundation of basic commands – sit, stay, down, come, and she was potty and crate trained. I expected some regression when transferring her to our family, but she has maintained her commitment and response to commands. Mio has the cutest face and personality to match. She is full of energy and keeps us laughing and playing as a family. She has quickly bonded with each of us and already has her favorite – my daughter. She is smart, loyal, and cuddly – a true “people pleaser” dog. In just a few short weeks she has quickly become a part of the family, just like we raised her from a pup. Cornerstone Labradoodles take great care to ensure that their dogs are top of the line in health, in temperament, and in appearance. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Labradoodles to anyone considering adding an Australian Labradoodle to their family.

C. Diehl

We had a great experience with Cornerstone Labradoodles. Sonali was such a great person to work with. Her passion for responsible breeding is commendable. She truly cares about the pups well being and takes great measures to ensure that they go to loving homes. Sonali provides a plethora of information that is very helpful, even if you had dogs before. I could not be more pleased with her. Of course, my new puppy “Finn” is pretty awesome too!


S. Sunday

Cornerstone Labradoodles is not so much a business as it is a family. Sonali takes great care in educating new dog owners about proper care of their new pup. She upholds the highest standards in ethical breeding, not only through responsible practices during the breeding itself, but also in matching litter mates to their new “hoomans” by temperament. This ensures that Cornerstone dogs can thrive once they leave her care.

Luna is such a wonderful companion, always happy by my side and ready for new adventures. She’s very in tune to human emotions and happy to oblige with snuggles and kisses. It’s almost like she’s human sometimes! That is a testament to early life in the care of a wonderful breeder who makes sure each pup feels safe and loved from their first breath. I’d highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone looking to grow their family, and maybe even find a soulmate of sorts in the process. 💙 ❤️

E. Frank