Puppy Preparation

Congratulations on welcoming home your Cornerstone puppy, your newest family member! Here are a few of our favorites we would like to share, we suggest getting all these items and please read and watch the resources below.

Recommended Reading:
How to Behave so your Dog Behaves- Dr. Sophia Yin

The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days- Dr. Sophia Yin
What a Difference a Dog Makes- Dana Jennings
Raising Puppies and Kids Together- Pia Silvani
We ask that you read these books to help transition your puppy into your family:
The Puppy Whisperer- Owens & Cranendonk
The Dog Whisperer- Owens & Cranendonk ​

Recommended Watching:
Stop the 77- The Family Dog.com

What to feed:
Food is extremely critical in all that we do, there are some great choices out there, your pup has been fed a raw diet, and a premium quality food. We feed Life’s Abundance, All Life’s Stages food to our puppies. This ensures a healthy skin, coat, proper growth and nutrition from the balance of various vitamins, probiotics, proteins and fats. It will be shipped directly to your front door. There is additional information on ordering under the nutrition tab.

For treats we love to use string cheese and little pieces of boiled chicken. We also love the chew sticks from LA and the buffalo lungs. When researching foods, we recommend visiting The Dog Food Advisor.

Starter package and Grooming packages are available for your puppy:
Please email us for all the items included, these are things we use daily, brands we know and love and approved by the dogs, everything you will need for your pup ready to be picked up with your puppy.

Pet ID Tags:
Dog ID tags that do not jingle and slide onto the collar.


Slobber Stopper:

Bowls so your dog does not drip water all over the house.


​​Flea Meds:
We use Frontline Gold Topical flea meds on our dogs and Wondercide natural flea and tick spray. ​​

Snuggle Puppy Dog Toy:

Our favorite heartbeat soft toy, this can be picked up with your puppy at pick up, the babies love these and it helps them adjust as they transition to their new home, email us and we will have it ready for you at pick up.​​​

Read, Study & Print

Phases Of Puppy Development-PDF

How Kids and Dogs should not Interact- PDF

How Kids and Dogs should Interact- PDF

10 Top Puppy Training Tips- PDF

How to Care for a Labradoodle-PDF

How Our Puppies are Raised-PDF

Puppy Socialization Checklist-PDF

7 Quick Tips for Potty Training

How Much Sleep do Puppies Need-PDF

The Benefits Of Crate Training

New Puppy Shopping List

Vaccine Protocols- Dr. Dodds

Online Puppy Training School:

We are beyond thrilled to offer this online puppy training school to ALL our puppy families, this is critical in training us humans to understand dog, we can give you a great puppy but it is up to you to make it a great dog, Baxter & Bella can help ensure that.  We are using it with all our dogs and have heard only 5 star reviews about the results.

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