Code Of Ethics

I shall at all times ensure all dogs are properly housed, fed, watered exercised and cared for.  I will see that they receive proper veterinary care when required.

My membership has never been revoked or suspended by any Canine Association.

I will speak about fellow breeders and their animals truthfully and respectfully at all times.

I shall breed with the soundness of the Australian Labradoodle in mind.

I shall ensure to the best of my ability that all persons acquiring dogs from my program clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the dog and have made all the necessary preparations for the keeping of the dog and caring responsibly for them.

I shall educate potential purchasers regarding responsible dog ownership and will offer to take back and re-home any dog from my program if the purchaser no longer wants it, and I will work with the owner to find a suitable home for the dog.

I shall provide to purchasers written instructions for dietary, veterinary care and training.

I shall not misrepresent the qualities of the Australian Labradoodle.

I will breed the Australian Labradoodle responsibly and will keep proper records of my breeding stock’s offspring, including any genetic defects I am aware of. I will avoid all matings known to produce or that are likely to produce a life-inhibiting genetic defect.

I will ensure all puppies are de-sexed and obtain confirmation.  I will ensure that all practices are held to the highest level of integrity.