Cornerstone Visitation Policy


Please understand we are a small in-home breeder, we do not have a kennel facility to visit.  We only have 2 dogs that live with us, our treasured dogs live in loving guardian homes, where they are loved and spoiled.  We spend a lot of time daily with our puppies, and with multiple requests to come and visit daily, it is challenging to maintain a normal family life, we appreciate your sensitivity and understanding. In addition, Parvo is a very deadly disease and many people can unknowingly carry it on their shoes, it can remain on the ground for 3 years. Unvaccinated puppies have a deadly risk as their immune systems are not matured to handle such a threat.

We post pictures every 2-3 weeks on our website, and every few days on our social media platforms, so that your entire family can be a part of the growth and development of the puppies as they mature in their litter.

Occasionally we  host an open house where we welcome visitors.  We would let you know a few weeks prior via email.

When visiting, we ask you to wear clean shoes, they will be removed when you are with the puppies, all visitors must wash their hands, wear clean clothes and not have previously visited a farm or pet store that day.  This is for the health and protection of our puppies as their health and wellness is our primary goal.

No dogs are permitted to visit.

We are thrilled for you to visit our dogs and introduce you to this amazing breed.  When you share your email with us, we will let you know of our next open house and would love to meet you and introduce you to our family.