The Cornerstone Guardian Program

We are very happy to have a Guardian home program here at Cornerstone Australian Labradoodles. Our dogs are the heart of what we do, and to ensure we are doing the best for our dogs and our families, we want all our dogs to live in wonderful happy homes as treasured members of the family. This partnership with our guardian families allows us to breed in a home environment without utilizing a kennel environment. We offer this program to those that meet the requirements and partner with us as we selectively grow and enhance our program.



What is the Guardian Home Program?

Our Guardian home program is for families that live within 20 miles of Mt. Airy, MD to have a “pick of the litter puppy”.  There are times we may also have an adult dog to place. The guardian home dog resides with you as your forever pet, however, we retain the breeding rights, decision making and breeding costs of the dog until their breeding career is completed.  These decisions are made with a licensed veterinarian who is registered in the area of canine reproduction.  Once their breeding career is completed in the time limits set with Cornerstone Labradoodles, your pet will be spayed or neutered at our expense and continue to live their life with you.

Is there a cost to be a part of our Guardian Home Program?

As a Guardian, an initial fee is required. A Guardian family is responsible for the day to day care of having a dog, this includes feeding a high quality dog food that we will guide you in, timely grooming, training, socialization, exercise, and preventative care, such as heart worm, flea and tick prevention and routine veterinary care, as you would with any family pet. Cornerstone Labradoodles is responsible for veterinary care related to the reproductive health and welfare of the dog and all the additional testing we do for our dogs to receive and maintain the ALAA Gold Paw standard.

Requirements for a Guardian Home?

To be considered for a guardian home you must have a fence to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian dog.

You must own your home, and the primary caregiver must have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for long periods of time.

Guardian families must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the dog to us when needed throughout the year.  You must be willing to feed a premium food recommended by us.

There should be no intact male dogs (not neutered) residing on the premises to increase the risk of an unwanted mating.

Be willing to train the dog and obtain a Canine Good Citizen Award.

All guardians must obtain pet insurance.

Provide regular exercise and socialization.

You must have a willingness to accept and follow our recommendations for the dog’s basic healthcare and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, flea and tick prevention, heart-worm prevention, etc.

A willingness to maintain open lines of communication with us for any matter related to the dog.

A willingness to allow me to visit your home and be able to visit my home so the dogs and I are familiar with each other.

All the love, care and attention for the dogs…..

What are the benefits of being a part of the Guardian Home Program?

Being a Guardian home provides the best of many worlds in our opinion.  You have the wonderful benefit of having an amazing Cornerstone puppy that is completely health tested by us, live with you as your forever pet at a reduced cost.  You also get to share in the joy of being a part of  our doodle family through your beloved pet and their offspring, you will have the joy of continuing to see how your dog’s legacy will influence our program and family’s all over the country.  Most of our dogs will be females, occasionally we will have males.  Upon retirement from their breeding career, the dog will live out their remaining years with their families as their treasured pets.

If you are interested in learning more and have an adult who stays home, works from home or has the ability to take your dog to work, we would love to talk to you about the possibility of joining our program and talk about the ethical, purposeful and responsible breeding we do and the value of that.



Please complete our contact us form and indicate in the comment box that you are interested in our Guardian Program. We look forward to hearing from you.