Giving Back

At Cornerstone, as an ethical breeder, we believe in giving back to our communities.

We are so blessed to be able to do what we do, we want to give of our funds and time. Being born in India, and spending several years growing up there, stray dogs are a big part of our life, as they are everywhere. India has the highest number of stray dogs in the world, we were always rescuing, feeding dogs or bringing home puppies and begging my parents to keep them, and crying to sleep when we could not keep them all.

We are honored to partner and donate to Friendicoes, which is one of the largest shelters in New Delhi. We have taken several animals over the years, food and monetary donations.

The staff there are saints in human clothes, they do so much with so little. They have an in-house clinic for the strays that accommodates about 150-200 animals at any point of time, two operation theaters, a Lab & X-ray unit as well as a sanctuary in Gurgaon that houses about a thousand animals.

Click here for the Frendicoes website

We also donate to shelters where we live, as the need is great no matter where one lives.

The Carroll County SPCA is where we have taken dogs we have rescued and we donate food, supplies and funds.​

Click here for Carroll county SPCA website

Our vision from inception was to give back…. A portion of every Cornerstone puppy we place in a loving family goes to the above charities.​  Thank you for caring and being a part of our Cornerstone family.

We had the honor to go to Friendicoes a few times on our last trip to New Delhi and it was a moving experience as it always is when going to a animal shelter. They do so much with limited resources, the people were so nice and we were able to say a quick hello to the vet on staff as well. We met several of the amazing people in charge and were able to give them a substantial donation, we are so thrilled to continue in these efforts with them. Thank you Friendicoes.