Olive and Louie

Puppies will be ready to go home in late October.  RESERVATION LIST IS OPEN.

Barksdale's Olive
Cascade Canyon's Louie

Our sweet gentle Olive…..she is a complete sweetheart!  She is smart, likes to be close to her humans and loves to go on walks, her wonderful Dad takes her on several walks a day and she is a happy camper.  Olive keeps her guardian mom company as she works from home, being the best office mate a human can have, full of cuddles, easy going and always there with extra love.  She has a signature Australian labradoodle soft fleece coat and is a small medium in size, chocolate truffles, and mocha are what comes to mind with Olive…this will be her retirement litter and her pups have been wonderful and we are so happy for all she has given to the Australian Labradoodle breed in so many ways.

Louie is a mini multigen Australian labradoodle, with his lovely soft fleece coat and fun outgoing personality, he brings the love everywhere he goes and is full of wags and kisses to all he meets.  He lives with his humans and loves to snuggle up with the grandkids, he can also be seen camping and traveling around the east coast!  He is quite the man around town and the ladies are happy to honeymoon with him.  His puppies have lovely warm dispositions and are cute as buttons.  He weighs 28 pounds and is full of love! 

We are excited to welcome their lovely pups, they will be born in late August.  They will all have the signature Australian labradoodle soft fleece coats that are velvet to the touch.  They will be small mediums, weighing around 25-28 pounds.  They will be allergy friendly and non-shedding.  Puppies will be sweet, playful with a fun loving temperament, and make wonderful companions for all families.  Both these dogs have their Canine Good Citizen awards, and we are so proud of them.

This reservation list is open.  We place all our puppies based on temperament, you must be flexible with colors and markings.


There are times we have to use a different male than we originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Mother Nature participates in all our breedings, and has the final say. Our upcoming litters are estimations based on prior heat cycles, the dates may be slightly different, the precise dates will only be determined once our girls have been bred and the pregnancy is confirmed via sonogram. We will accept 3 reservations prior to the sonogram, and once the sonogram is completed, we will open up the reservation list to accept additional applications.